Fletchers Sisalation

Fletchers Sisalation

Sisalation® is a strong, reinforced pliable building membrane designed for use as sarking under residential and commercial metal roofs, and can be installed over or under battens.

The sophisticated membrane comprises of an outer layer of aluminium foil bonded to a high density kraft paper. This is then bonded to an additional layer of foil using a heavy coating of flame retardant adhesive.

The laminate is reinforced with strands of yarn to deliver exceptional strength. The inclusion of a coloured anti-glare coating reduces the incidence of reflected glare during installation.

Key Compliance includes;

  • Sisalation® Metal Roof products comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) for sarking type materials and satisfy the following requirements:
  • AS/NZS4200.1: 1994 for ‘Pliable Building Membranes’.
  • Deemed to Satisfy Standard - recognised by NCC Volumes 1 and 2.
  • Achieves a low Flammability Index (≤5) in accordance with AS1530.2:1993.
  • NCC Volume 2 Part Fire Hazard Properties (Class 1 & 10 Buildings).
  • NCC Volume 1 Specification C1.10 Fire Hazard Properties (Class 2 to 9 Buildings). Suitable for use as a sarking type material in locations other than fire control rooms subject to Specification E1.8.Satisfy Health & Safety Regulations.


  • Fletchers Sisalation 439
  • Fletchers Sisalation 453
  • Fletchers Sisalation 456


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