The Anticon insulation blanket is designed for use in both residential and commercial buildings. Consisting of a glasswool blanket adhered to reflective thermafoil facing, the Anticon blanket provides thermal, acoustic and condensation benefits.

All Anticon blankets can be supplied with light, medium or heavy duty aluminium foil facing.

Anticon Insulation Applications

The Anticon blanket is typically installed under metal deck and fibre cement roofs for offices, shopping centres, warehouses and general industrial complexes. For a home residence under concrete roofs Anticon is also widely used.

Anticon Insulation Benefits

An Anticon blanket is very lightweight and can easily be installed. However, the primary benefits are that:

  • Meets the Building Codes of Australia energy efficiency requirements.
  • Has a broad range of thermal qualities to meet any application.
  • Has an acoustic quality that reduces noise such as rain on metal roofs.
  • Prevents condensation that might damage the interior of your building space as well as prevents rusting of roofs and screws.

Anticon Blanket Specifications

See datasheet

Product R-Value Thickness (mm) Standard Length (mm) Width (mm)
Anticon 55 R1.3 60 15 1200-1400
Anticon 75 R1.8 80 15 1200
Anticon 95 R2.3 100 10 1200
Anticon 110 R2.5 110 10 1200
Anticon 130 R3.0 130 10 1200

Anticon Datasheet

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The Anticon insulation blanket is designed for use in both residential and commercial buildings.

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