Roof Insulation Sydney

Eureka Insulation specialises in standard and custom fabricated roof insulation in Sydney for residential and commercial applications. Your choice of roof insulation product is dependent on the roof type.

Many commercial and industrial applications have metal deck or fibre cement roofs and require an insulation blanket. Most residences have tiled roofs and require the more traditional insulation batts.

Roof Insulation Blanket

Eureka Insulation provides a broad range of roof insulation blanket options including;

Insulation roofing blanket is bonded to Sisalation reflective foil and are manufactured in standard lengths up to 20m. However if you have the exact measurements required, Eureka will fabricate your insulation blanket “cut to length”. This will save you time, money and is much safer onsite with the reduction of having to cut whilst installing in the roof.

Roof Insulation Accessories

Eureka also provides essential accessories for commercial roofing applications. These include:

Roof Spacers Products


The J-Clip roof spacer is a stronger, safer, more cost effective solution and complies with Section J requirements of the BCA. The J – Clip raises ...

Roof Razor

Roof razor is an insulation spacer that allows bulk insulation to recover to its nominal thickness to comply with Section J of the Building Code of...

Roof Rack

Roof Rack™ is an insulation spacer (75mm & 100mm) that provides a quick and easy way for Fletcher Insulation™ 100mm blanket to be used under metal ...

PurlinK Roofing Spacers

PurlinK roof spacers are manufactured from the highest quality extruded polystyrene with a KPA rating that far exceeds the minimum for most commerc...


Roof Sarking is also commonly referred to as ‘Sisalation’ which is a Fletcher Insulation branded product range. Foil Sarking is a major component for residential and commercial thermal insulation in roofs, walls, under floors, air conditioning ducts or faced to glass wool blanket. It provides a waterproofing barrier, prevents dust and drafts and assists with energy efficiency.

Roof Sarking Products

Fletchers Sisalation

Sisalation® is a strong, reinforced pliable building membrane designed for use as sarking under residential and commercial metal roofs, and can be ...

PerformINS Metal Roof Sarking

PerformINS Metal Roof Sarking is manufactured to the highest industry standards. Our specialised manufacturing process bonds together Aluminium Foi...

Rhino Roofing High Performance

Rhino Roofing High Performance is an extra heavy duty laminate of aluminium foil and polywoven fabric which is used under roof to provide the build...


PerformINS HD Plus Roofing Blanket is a super-soft Australian made roofing insulation. PerformINS HD Plus Roofing Blanket provides excellent benefits.

Roof Spacers

The J-Clip roof spacer is a stronger, safer, more cost effective solution and complies with Section J requirements of the BCA - more details here.

Foil Sarking

Roof Sarking is a key component of any roof space. It is manufactured in 4 specific grading’s, light, medium, heavy duty and extra heavy duty.


The Fletcher Insulation Permastop insulation blanket is suitable for both residential and commercial buildings to increase comfort levels.


Air-Cell insulation products manufactured by Kingspan provides a protective vapour barrier, insulation barrier and radiant barrier all in one.


The Anticon insulation blanket is designed for use in both residential and commercial buildings.

Mesh & Accessories

Ausmesh 300 consists of 2mm galvanised wire with a tensile strength of exceeding 450mpa and is a permanent fixture for the life of the building.