Residential & Industrial Insulation Fabrication

If you require specialised residential or industrial insulation, Eureka Insulation can fabricate and cut to any size and shape any form of insulation that you may require.

With our manufacturing facility, we are able to provide you a broad range of services and insulation types to meet your needs. The benefit to you is that you can choose the right insulation fit for purpose and have it cut to exact specifications for the work at hand. This will reduce the time spent installing insulation as you no longer have to cut and you will save the cost of wasted insulation material with no off cuts.

Examples that we can satisfy your requirements are:

Insulation can be manufactured and delivered in kit form for many applications. These include, but are not limited to trains, buses, hot water systems, refrigeration, acoustic baffles and air conditioning systems.

  • Foil backed blankets in Glasswool or Polyester with a superior finish for all your roofing needs.
  • Perforated foil faced sheets for HVAC
  • Black regina tissue facing on blankets or sheets.
  • Pipe lagging for both hot and cold pipe insulation in glasswool, polyester and polystyrene.
  • Underslab insulation in glasswool, polyester, polystyrene.
  • Curtain wall insulation in glasswool or polyester.
  • Soundproof insulation kits for waste pipes between dwellings or floor levels.
  • Acoustic fabric faced insulation panels.
  • Bridge insulation

Eureka Insulation is very proud to partner some of Australia’s most trusted and innovative companies with their insulation needs. Our highly skilled team work closely with our partners to find tailored insulation solutions from concept development through to end product fruition.

Contact Eureka on 1800 626 624 or use our enquiry form for more information on your specific requirements that may need fabricated insulation.